Mission, Goals and Tasks of the Journal

The current stage of the legal development of the Russian Federation is characterized by constant changes in legislation, which requires an efficient exchange of domestic and foreign law-making and law enforcement experience.

The mission of the journal is to accumulate the latest knowledge in the field of law, allowing it to act as a kind of platform on which Russian and foreign scholars and practitioners can not only present the results of their scientific research, but also get acquainted with the experience of colleagues, exchange the most promising developments in the field of legal science and practice.

In accordance with this mission, the journal sets itself the following goals:

  • the formation of a single scientific space in the field of law among the circle of both a professional audience of authoritative researchers and young scholars, postgraduate students, specialists in the field of jurisprudence of Russian and international scales;
  • the promoting Russian legal traditions and doctrine abroad;
  • comprehensive international cooperation of scholars and government officials to harmonize national legislation, taking into account international standards in the field of proper enforcement of the rights and legal interests of the individual, including by introducing the provisions of foreign legal doctrine into Russian scientific circulation;
  • the exchange of results of research activities in the scientific fields of theoretical and historical law, public law (state law), private law (civil law) and criminal law;
  • the solving of theoretical and practical problems of jurisprudence based on the results of national and international scientific research;
  • reflection of research results obtained using both traditional positivist approaches and empirical methods of social and humanitarian sciences, including in the comparative legal and interdisciplinary aspects (at the interface with other social sciences - sociology, history, psychology, philology, political science and others);
  • pursuing the policy of a bilingual journal (publication of scientific articles, reviews and other materials, both in Russian and English) in order to expand the circle of domestic and foreign authors and readers.

To achieve the stated goals in accordance with its mission, the journal sets itself the following tasks:

  • dissemination of the results of fundamental and applied scientific research, expanding and deepening the understanding of the most pressing problems of domestic and foreign jurisprudence;
  • promoting the journal in the international space and attracting international authors and readers in the field of law by ensuring their effective communication in order to meet their information needs and increase the effectiveness of professional activities;
  • generalization and analysis of international and domestic experience in lawmaking and enforcement;
  • coverage of the most interesting, topical and breakthrough results of scientific work of Russian and foreign legal scholars;
  • formation of professional legal awareness and human resources of law enforcement agencies;
  • ensuring the continuity of knowledge by exchanging experience between highly regarded and young scholars.

Important areas of work of the journal “Siberian Law Review”, based in the historical administrative center of Siberia – Omsk, connecting the Siberian north and the Russian west with the steppe south and east, are the establishment and strengthening of scientific ties between scholars from different regions of Russia and other countries, increasing interest of foreign jurists in Russian legal thought. This makes the journal in demand in the international scientific space.

The journal highlights the most problematic and controversial issues of law, which arouses increased interest in published materials from the scientific community.

We hope that the scientific journal “Siberian Law Review” will make its contribution to the development of domestic legal science and will also contribute to the implementation of the standards of the rule of law in the activities of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation.