Sections of the Journal

  1. Theory and History of Law and State, History of Law and State Studies. This section considers and examines the key points of forming and developing state and law theory, the influence individual legal acts have on further development of state and law theory, suggests new approaches and proposals to solve current problems of the modern theory of state and law.
  2. Constitutional Law, Constitutional Judicial Proceedings, Municipal Law. The section presents research and proposals for the improvement of constitutional law and norms of municipal law, the study of their sources and states, the legality in this field. We consider the federal legislation of the Russian Federation, the laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the constitutional legislation of foreign countries, the laws of local governments of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
  3. Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law, International Private Law. The section publishes articles and analytical materials on material and procedural aspects of private legal relations: comments on the current legislation, characteristics of law implementation practice, assessment of arbitration courts’ activity, general jurisdiction courts’ activity and notary offices’ activity.
  4. Labour Law, Social Security Law. The section covers issues of the protection of labour rights, legal regulation of labour, social security, current issues of legislative regulation, law enforcement activities and judicial practice in the field of labour relations.
  5. Land Law, Natural Resources Law, Ecological Law, Agricultural Law. The section publishes studies of legislation and relations regulated by it in the sphere of determining the legal status of natural resources, the legal status of the persons using them. An analysis of the federal legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the subjects (regions) of the Russian Federation is given along with proposals for their improvement, the norms of international law and the practice of international organizations and judicial bodies on the settlement of environmental legal relations, the legislation of foreign countries; legal regulation of land relations, legal relations in the acquiring, holding, trading and protection of land, the legal status of the subjects of these legal relations, types of land rights, grounds for the emergence and termination of these legal relations, protection of land rights.
  6. Corporate Law, Competition Law, Energy Law. The section presents studies of organizational, property and other public relations related to participation in corporate organizations and their management, as well as property relations on the production and use of energy resources, as well as relations on the distribution and management of energy capacities.
  7. Criminal Law and Criminology, Penitentiary Law. The section comprises the comments on current laws, analyses the problems of classifying crimes, contemporary criminal law policy and measures for counteracting crime.
  8. Criminal Procedure. The section reviews current problems of theory of criminal procedural law, forensics and crime detection. It covers the analysis and review of prosecutors’, investigative and judicial practice, interprets the Russian Constitutional and Russian Supreme Court view on criminal trial proceedings. 
  9. Judicial Activity, Prosecutorial Activities, Human Rights and Law Enforcement Activities. The section presents studies of the fundamentals of the law enforcement mechanism, issues of the organization of the court and the judicial system, the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies, the organization of the activities of the legal profession, the delimitation of competence and interaction between them and other state and non-state structures.
  10. Criminalistics, Forensic Activity, Operational and Investigative Activities. The section publishes studies on the use of modern capabilities of forensic science and their implementation in the practice of solving and investigating crimes, as well as resolving cases in court; patterns of formation and development of forensic examinations of various classes, genera and species, the typification of their objects, tasks, research methods, as well as situations and forms of using these opportunities in legal proceedings; problems of the theory and practice of operational-search activities for the detection, prevention and detection of crimes, operational-search support for the investigation and trial of criminal cases, the suppression and neutralization of criminal counteraction to criminal proceedings.
  11. Administrative Law, Administrative Process. This section deals with different aspects of current regulation by administrative law, administrative procedures in different spheres and administrative responsibility.
  12. Civil Process, Arbitration Process. The section discusses social relations arising in the field of civil and arbitration proceedings, enforcement proceedings, both in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries, their legal regulation in historical development, current state and prospects for regulation; protection of rights, freedoms and legally protected interests related to civil proceedings in the field of law enforcement activities of the state and forms alternative to state judicial proceedings.