Siberian Law Review Vol. 16 № 4

This issue of the journal contains articles by scholars, who participated
in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Administrative Responsibility”,
held at Omsk Law Academy (now Siberian Law University) on May 24, 2019.

Reform of Legislation on Administrative Responsibility

Administrative Responsibility and Its Application

Administrative Responsibility for Specific Types of Offences


Solovey Yu. P. Once Again About the Need to Reform the Legislation on Administrative Responsibility
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-442-453

Avdeiko A. G., Gazizov D. A. Reforming the Legislation on Administrative Offences
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-454-467

Kononov P. I. Critical Notes on the Concept of the New Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-468-474

Voronov A. M. Administrative Tort Law: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-475-479

Zyryanov S. M. Conceptual Problems of the Third Codification of the Legislation on Administrative Offenses
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-480-487

Sevryugin V. E. On the Concept of the New Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Responsibility: A Brief Commentary on the Bill 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-488-492

Stakhov A. I. About the Need of Reduction in Compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation of Extrajudicial and Judicial Orders of Permission of Cases on Administrative Offenses 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-493-497

Grishkovets A. A. The Problem of Fiscal Direction of the Code of Russian Federation on Administrative Offences and Ways of its Solution in Draft of the New Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-498-505

Koryts S. I., Bokova I. B. Some Issues on Reforming the Legislation on Administrative Offences
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-506-511

Glazunova I. V. Problematic Issues on Public Liability of a Legal Entity 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-512-517

Kaplunov A. I. Administrative Responsibility as a Form of Administrative Coercion 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-518-524

Pobezhimova N. I. Administrative Offense and Criminal Misconduct
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-525-529

Popugaev Yu. I. On the Purpose, Content and Criteria of Administrative Delicitation 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-530-537

Spiridonov P. E. Administrative-Delict Legal Relations and Their Features
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-538-544

Surgutskov V. I. On The Issue оf the Categorization оf Administrative Offences
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-545-549

Barabanova S. V. Features of Administrative Responsibility in the Field of Education 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-550-557

Kobzar-Frolova M. N. Administrative Responsibility for Offenses in Economic Areas 
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-558-562

Maiorov V. I., Beketov O. I. Administrative Responsibility in the Field of Road Safety: Current Trends and Prospects
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-563-567

Yuritsin A. E., Golovanova T. V. Administrative Liability for Violations of Quarantine Restrictions
DOI: 10.19073/2658-7602-2019-16-4-568-573

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